The Region 6 Multilateral Chamber of Commerce (R6MCC) is a Regional Multilateral chamber of commerce (or Multilateral board of trade) is a Diaspora business network whose goal is to further the interests of linking Pan African diaspora businesses with the Pan African business Community. Diaspora Business owners throughout the 6 Region will advocate on behalf of the Diaspora business community. Businesses in all 6 Regions of the African Union can be members.  

R6MCC members:

  1. Elect a board of directors and executive council to

  2. Set policy for the chamber.

  3. The board or council then Votes on a President,

  4. Plus staffing appropriate to size, to run the organization.

R6MCC is a voluntary association of African and diaspora entrepreneurs, business firms, economic development corporations and business organizations belonging to different trades and industries.


R6MCC serves as spokesperson and representative of the Diaspora business community.

Our Mission is to have the largest most effective and efficient African Diaspora business network globally based on a fraternal order. This network will be informal, with each local chamber incorporated and operating separately, rather than as a chapter of the R6MCC.

R6MCC works on an AU Regional and Sub-Regional level to bring the business community together to develop strong networks, which can result in a business-to-business exchange.

R6MCC, work with governments in which African Descendent populations are a part of, to develop pro-business initiatives.

R6MCC is a Multilateral chamber of commerce that links the business environments of all 6 regions of the African Union.

R6MCC members are from different African and Diaspora countries with a common business interest towards or in specific nations to enhance innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Trade.

R6MCC is active in representing the interests of local or foreign African Descendant businesses and investors in specific countries, achieved through promotion and proactivity regarding the Afro-Descendent business environment.

R6MCC Multilateral chambers of commerce are independent entities strengthening business relations and interactions between all Pan African economic players, and their members may benefit from a broad range of activities that enhance the visibility and reputation of their business.

The Region 6 Multilateral Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to strengthening the African Union’s 6 Regions Economic Environment for sustainable long-term growth and global competitiveness. We aim to connect and educate the business chambers throughout the diaspora and Africa on the conditions necessary for integration with African Regional Economic Communities and global Diaspora communities. We will help businesses streamline business activities.


The R6MCC will have a positive economic impact on diaspora communities and will assist businesses to engage with emerging global industries with creative solutions that will shape the future of Africa and its Diaspora.

The strength of our unity will wield unparalleled influence on countering Afrophobia forces and steer the decision of governments to support Pan African business growth.

As important as it is, Individual or single organizational influence alone is not enough. We have seen what unchecked racial and self-interest agendas have done to people of African Descent world-wide. Our Influence is bound with a strong unified network based on principles. Commitment to unified initiatives based on a common interest and expansion into new global profitable markets that work.

The R6MCC will promote that members stay connected to the principles of Pan African unity which is to uplift and unify for the economical, social, and political development of people of African descent.  Also, to ensure the priorities of our member chambers through a unique structure that organizes our future policies. The R6MCC council members will serve as representative branches “chambers within the Chamber,”.


The R6MCC will be member influenced and organizational - driven focused. It will focus on issues of interest to individual chambers within the diaspora and unity with African Regional Economic Communities. The council will set a focused agenda for the R6MCC and facilitate and expedite that focus with expertise that makes the R6MCC so effective as to initiate intergovernmental cooperation with policymakers, the media, and the public.



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