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What is international business expansion?

International business expansion is an Export/Import process of escalating and expanding a firms operations from a local domestic market into multinational markets within the global economy. It is the pattern of decisions that strategically expands the size of the firm and reduce the potential while experiencing sustainable growth for the firm.

HBS consults companies on strategies for expansion for business activities in over 101 countries in several economic regions throughout the global south. Global expansion is more than just making investments in nations outside of the company's base of operation; the concept includes maintaining an actual business presence in the nation(s) of choice.

In today's global market, firms are bearing in mind the importance of sourcing, selling, and even bartering their products in foreign markets. Firms today must evaluate and consider many more options than before and process larger amounts of information and data to make strategic decisions. Firms must also take into consideration cultural relative barriers and the complexity of compliance initiatives that make global import and export even more of a challenge. At HBS our team simplifies these challenges for our clients.


HBS’s international trade consulting services encompass beyond mitigating risk to develop an inclusive understanding of the compliance initiatives impacting business firms. NBS provides clients with customized assessments regarding complex compliance and administrative issues facing markets in the global economic regions. The results we provide is often a competitive trade advantage for our clients due to the ability to quickly adapt to new requirements imposed by governmental institutions within economic regions.


HBS experience and customs-specific knowledge can help you mitigate risk by developing a solid understanding of the international trade issues that may impact your firm. We will analyze your company’s current trade practices and identify opportunities and risks.


At HBS, we work closely with government agencies in the global South, economic regions, and economic development organizations to keep up-to-date on any changes or amendments to trade regulations, so we can keep our clients with the information to create a competitive advantage.


HBS helps firms design their business processes so that they can adapt to changing governmental regulations and tariffs in simplified ways from the micro size business to large firms. In a quickly developing international trade landscape, we “position” firms for success.


Whether firms are importing or exporting across borders in the Caribbean, Latin America, or African nations, we can help firms understand the current bilateral and multilateral trade agreements and the methods and processes involved so firms can plan their operations accordingly.


In addition, HBS has future planned seminars online and offline that can help firms provide a foundation from which to build a successful trade strategy.