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What is International Marketing?

International marketing is the application of marketing strategies and tools in multiple markets, by firms in different nations or economic regions. International marketing is based on the extending of a firm's local marketing strategy, with a distinct focus paid to market identification, segmentation, targeting, positioning, and other marketing decisions internationally. International marketing is the multinational process of planning and executing the marketing concept, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges that satisfy consumer and organizational needs.


HBS International Marketing consults on the application of marketing principles in the global market. We aim to help clients satisfy the diverse needs and wants of different consumers residing in developing nations in the Global South. Our strategies focus on marketing activities in over 101 nations. In general, strategies focus on the situation analysis, scenario analysis, marketing strategy, and a mix of tactical implementation methodologies.


At HBS we help clients to create a marketing strategy by helping firms to conduct an environmental scan of the terrain. We consult firms with an assessment of their current competitive position and future competitive positions to achieve their goals in the global market. We consult firms on a combination of tactical implementations for markets in developing nations.


At HBS, we provide consultation on discovering opportunities to satisfy unfulfilled customer needs in foreign markets, with a consultation for creating a strategic plan for pursuing global opportunities. Our team provides market data that will provide specific information that will permit the firm to select a target market segment and optimally position its offering within the nation of choice. As a result, the firm will be able to develop a value proposition for the target market of the nation of choice.


At HBS, our team of consultants helps firms to make detailed tactical decisions. Tactical marketing decisions are made for the controlling of marketing parameters. These decisions that firms make are based on services and product specifications. We also help firms to evaluate there pricing decisions based on the rate of foreign currency and the promotional channels available.


At the implementation stage, we will also consult our clients on the implementation tools to optimize the management of clients based on foreign laws and regulations.