Harris Business Enterprise is an international consulting firm aimed at helping businesses to step out on to the international market. HBE Global provides consulting in International trade within Africa, South America, Central America, and the Caribbean and elsewhere. HBE  provides clients with International services such as global business expansion, and marketing consulting to help firms to position themselves within the global economy.  Also, amongst HBE consulting services are International management development to help firms develop the right of people and operational design tailored for specific international markets of interest.

Harris Business Enterprise founded Dr. Melida Harris Barrow, She has over the past twenty-six years, served in various capacities in government, international business and private organizations. She is also head of the Panama World Trade and investment foundation and Harris Business Enterprise. Among her specialties are international Economic Investment & Trade Development, Sustainable Economic Development Through Entrepreneurship and Youth Empowerment through Entrepreneurship. Harris Business Enterprise consist of teams of professionals specializing in the international marketing and international management fields.

CEO, Dr. Meldia Harris-Barrow
Founder and Principal

Born in Panama City, Panama, and headquartered in the United States Miami, Florida, Dr. Melida A. Harris has over the past twenty-six years, served in various capacities in government, international business and private organizations and is known from her accomplishments in entrepreneurship, humanitarianism, social and political development. Today Dr, Barrow is the universal peace ambassador for Panama, an author, motivational speaker, life coach, international bestseller, talk show host, philanthropist, CEO of love truth and peace, World Trade and investment foundation, and Harris Business Enterprise.  Among her specialties are international economic investment & trade Development, Sustainable Economic Development through Entrepreneurship, and youth empowerment through entrepreneurship.

In her capacity as a social and political activist, Dr. Barrow has used expertise to address pressing issues that affect the Caribbean, the Americas, and Africa as well as matters pertaining to human rights and justice for all.  Being an astute communicator, Dr. Harris Barrow is often called upon to speak at various functions, trade organizations, economic development organizations (EDOs), businesses, corporations’ conventions, universities, churches, among others. She is an advocate for personal and professional development and is known for empowering leaders to play their part in advancing the welfare of the human race.

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